9 Simple Steps to Contract Staffing

Adding contract staffing to your business model does not have to be difficult. During this special recruiter training video learn why companies use contractors and why candidates choose to work on contract. Watch Video.

Learn to Make Money with Contract Staffing

Why do clients use contractors? What kind of contracting opportunities do I have? And how easy is it to outsource my back-office? Get all of your contracting questions answered in this video. Watch Video.

Contract Staffing Scripts

We provide the verbiage you need if you are struggling to broach the topic of contract staffing. Use these free contract staffing recruiting scripts to help you connect with your candidates. Request your Scripts.

Customized Marketing Documents

We offer marketing documents to help recruiters with their contract staffing marketing. These free documents are customized with your name and contact information and then emailed to you. Request Documents.

Marketing Video

This 2-minute video can be added to your website to show clients how “Contract Staffing Offers the Ultimate in Flexibility.” Contact us to find out how to add the video to your site.

Contract Staffing Marketing Tips Whitepaper

This whitepaper answers the question “How do I get contract job orders?” Get 20 contract staffing marketing tips that have worked for recruiters just like you. Download Whitepaper.