There is A LOT of money in contract staffing…

Recruiters can add a big revenue stream to their income by offering contract placement services through Top Echelon. We’ve paid out over $56.7 million in contract income to recruiters since 1992.

Increase Your Recruiter Income

If you only offer direct-hire placement services to your clients, contract staffing can increase your recruiter income in a number of ways:

  • Increase Your Sales

    Recruiters who add contract staffing to their offerings can add thousands of dollars to their annual income.

  • Overcome Common Objections

    Offer an alternative placement process to companies who have hiring freezes or budget constraints.

  • Become A Sole-Source Provider

    Offer direct-hire services alongside contract staffing to become a one-stop resource for your clients.

  • Contract-to-Direct Conversion Fees

    Collect a bonus recruiting fee when one of your contract candidates transitions into a permanent hire.

  • More Consistent Cash Flow

    The income generated through contract staffing is spread out through the duration of the assignment.

  • Survive Difficult Economic Times

    Contract Staffing, in essence, is recession proof, because more companies start contracting their work out.

How Much Can You Make?

But you want to know just how much you can make, right? Here are some average hourly recruiter incomes. Almost all contract placements are hourly, so the recruiter income is also hourly.

Recruiter Hourly Income Ranges

So is it worth the extra effort? Well, for starters, there is little effort involved. You can literally get started without any upfront investment of time or money. And the process for placing contractors is essentially the same as direct hire: you get the job order and you find the candidate. Top Echelon Contracting does the rest.

But the real incentive is the annual income. Consider this common example: A blended firm (one that offers contract staffing AND direct hire) tries keep at least 10 IT contractors working at a time, earning an average of $12 per hour on each contractor. See how this calculates into annual recruiter income:

Annual Recruiter Income graphic

By simply adding contract staffing to your business model, you could add almost $250,000 to your annual income. To find out how much you can make in your niche, call us at 888.627.3678 and request a Quote.

Is Flexibility Important to Your Clients?

For companies, flexibility is among the most important advantages of contract staffing. In today’s uncertain economy, companies need a “just-in-time” workforce that can be quickly increased or decreased based on economic conditions and demand. This is becoming more important due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare). This law will increase companies’ financial and administrative burdens based upon the number of employees they have. Contract staffing provides the flexibility they need.