Complete Coverage for Your Contract Candidates

When you use our TEC Premium, we become the legal W-2 employer for the contract candidates you place. That means we eliminate all the risk on your end. All you have to do is recruit the candidate and collect your recruiter fee, then we handle all of the administrative details.

We specialize in technical, professional, and healthcare placements, and our recruitment back office solutions take care of all the responsibilities below as the W-2 employer for contract candidates:

Additional Services

  • One-on-One Consultations

    Call in for recruiter-specific phone conversations with trained Contract Staffing Administrators.

  • Recruiter Referral Program

    Earn up to $100 through our Recruiter Referral Program every time you refer a recruiter who has never made a contract placement with us.

  • Marketing Assistance

    Our Recruiter Marketing Center provides tools to promote your contract staffing services.

  • Medical Staffing

    Due to the serious nature of medical staffing placements, we include additional paperwork and screenings to properly qualify healthcare contractors.

Statement of Contract Assignment (SCA)

The SCA allows you to access man-hours and financial details for each contract placement online.

Frequent Contract Placer Program (FCP)

The FCP allows you to earn up to 3% more based on recruiter income made through our back-office.

ICAP Program

The In-house Clerical and Administrative Program (ICAP) allows you to add clerical and administrative staff to your office for a short period of time. You can outsource their employment to Top Echelon Contracting.

Preliminary Agreement

Is your client requesting a preliminary agreement in advance? If so, complete the Preliminary Agreement request form.

Preferred Vendors

Additional vendors Top Echelon recommends for recruiters.