Extensive Coverage for Your Contract Candidates

TEC Express can be a quick and profitable way for recruiters to make contract placements without getting into all of the financial, legal, or administrative details.

As most recruiters know, not all contract placements are created equal. That’s why Top Echelon Contracting offers TEC Express. It’s designed for recruiters placing contract employees who are “Office Professionals” that would be classified within the workers’ compensation code 8810 or equivalent.

Here’s how it works:

Let us run a TEC Express Quote to see how much profit you’re going to make. All we need is several pieces of information, including the Pay Rate for the contractor, the Bill Rate for the client, and the work state.

Since you have the relationship with the client, it’s up to you to get the simple Contract Services Agreement signed and back to us so we can get the back office details in motion.

Now that you know the pay rate, bill rate, and your profit and have the signed Contract Services Agreement, all we need are the details to onboard the contractor, the information to invoice the client, and the location to send your payments.

With Express, Top Echelon Contracting administers all of the W-2 Employer of Record back office duties, which include:

If the contractor is classified as an office professional (BWC 8810), but the placement requires Per Diem, contract negotiations, Visa or immigration processing, a vendor management system, or is in the healthcare or medical discipline, the placement will need to use TEC Premium, our full service back office that is designed for those more complicated contract placements.

Compare TEC Express’ Full List of Features with Our TEC Premium Back-Office Service

Additional Services

  • One-on-One Consultations

    Call in for recruiter-specific phone conversations with trained Contract Staffing Administrators.

  • Recruiter Referral Program

    Earn up to $100 through our Recruiter Referral Program every time you refer a recruiter who has never made a contract placement with us.

  • Marketing Assistance

    Our Recruiter Marketing Center provides tools to promote your contract staffing services.

  • Contract Staffing Scripts

    If you’re new to the contract staffing world, we provide free scripts to help you learn how to get job orders, broach the topic with your clients, and get them to buy in.