Contract Employee Benefits Package

Top Echelon firmly believes that great benefits attract quality candidates and also provide a motivating force for employee retention. Employees who work an average of at least 30 hours per week may choose any combination of the following for their contract employee benefits package. The majority of benefits can be paid for with pre-tax payroll deductions.

Healthcare Insurance

All of our plans are compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Visit our Health Insurance Benefit Summary for details and pricing.

Aetna Logo as part of the Top Echelon contract employee benefits package.

We offer two (2) traditional types of healthcare insurance through Aetna, one of the largest and most recognized healthcare companies in the United States. We offer the traditional PPO plan and the High Deductible Plan (HDP) that offers the Health Savings Account (HSA) option.

Dental Insurance

This is a voluntary plan through Aetna where employees can choose to see any dentist. One hundred percent (100%) of the usual and customary cost is covered for preventative procedures, 80% for restorative procedures, and 50% for major procedures.

Vision Insurance

This voluntary plan through Aetna includes savings on vision exams, frames, lenses, and contact lenses. A laser vision correction benefit is also included.

Life Insurance

Employees may buy life insurance through Aetna in multiples of $10,000 up to $500,000 not to exceed five times their annual salary. Additional life insurance may be purchased for your spouse and children. The employee automatically receives Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D). Under the AD&D insurance, if a covered employee loses their life caused by an accident, the life insurance amount will be doubled. The plan also provides benefits for losses, such as the loss of a limb or an eye, caused by an accident. These policies are portable, meaning that you can choose to keep the coverage even when you leave Top Echelon Contracting’s employment.

Logo for Allstate contractors insurance.

Allstate Short Term Disability Insurance

We offer employees short term disability insurance through Allstate. This policy helps to replace lost income due to an accident or illness that keeps you from coming to work: injuries, surgeries, maternity leave, etc. You may purchase this benefit regardless of the status of your medical coverage.

Allstate Accident and Critical Illness/Cancer Coverage

We offer employees accident and critical illness/cancer coverage through Allstate. These policies help with the out-of-pocket expenses the employee may incur due to an accident or critical illness: deductibles, co-pays, travel expenses, and other items not covered under a medical plan. These products pay over and above any medical coverage you may have. You may purchase these benefits regardless of the status of your medical coverage.

401(k) Savings Plan

Top Echelon Contracting employees, age 21 years and older, have the option to join our 401(k) Savings Plan at the end of six months of employment regardless of number of hours worked. The employee can contribute up to 90% of their weekly gross pay on a pre-tax basis up to the applicable maximum for that particular year. The employee may roll over previous employer’s 401(k) money into Top Echelon Contracting’s 401(k) immediately.

Disclaimer: Benefits are subject to change based on Top Echelon Contracting’s vendors, suppliers, and company requirements.

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