The Quote Process

Every Contract Placement is a little different, whether it be the location of the job, the liability tied to the job description, the taxes, the insurances or an acceptable bill rate for the employer.

The amount of profit a recruiter earns on contract placements run through Top Echelon Contracting’s back-office is determined by the Quote associated with that placement.

What’s the Quote?

A Quote is a calculation that takes into consideration all of the mandatory federal and state taxes and insurance (including Workers’ Compensation, liability insurance, and state-required disability insurance), per diem, etc. associated with a contract placement.

The calculation of the Quote dictates the profit margin on the contract placement, as well as your hourly recruiter income.

In order to generate an accurate FREE  quote, Top Echelon Contracting will need information about your contract placement. Contact us and speak with a Contract Staffing Administrator, they will discuss the details of your specific situation and email you a customized Quote within minutes.

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