Client Benefits of Using Contractors

There are countless benefits to companies for using contractors to keep their organization properly staffed in any season, but here are six of the most prominent advantages that contract staffing has to offer.

1. Staffing Flexibility

  • Match your staffing levels with your workload and project requirements
  • Quick setup process vs. lengthy direct placement cycle
  • Option to terminate contract placement at any time

2. Maintain Budget Controls

  • Accelerate the pace at which projects reach completion by adding contract placements to your workforce.
  • Eliminate unnecessary overhead.

3. Increase Staffing Alternatives

  • Client companies have access to a new pool of highly skilled resources
  • Temporary/contract candidates are often more specialized but unavailable for direct placement
  • Retiree re-staffing allows client companies to bring back the expertise of former employees
  • Utilize internships and summer employees

4. Sole-Source Staffing Ability

  • Decrease the number of vendors to manage
  • Reduce administrative responsibilities
  • One-stop shopping for all staffing needs
  • Access to contract candidates nationwide

5. Try Before You Buy (Temp-To- Direct)

  • Interview the candidate while he or she is working on a contract basis
  • Access the real skills of the prospective employee before making a direct-hire commitment
  • Acquire needed resources before direct placement budget is approved

6. Eliminated Bad Press from Layoffs

  • Avoid the impact on employee morale associated with downsizing employees
  • Changes in contract staffing levels at a client company is less likely to draw publicity