Candidate Benefits of Being a Contract Employee

With all the changes in today’s workplace, contracting has become more and more prevalent among candidates. There are many benefits of being a contract employee. Here’s some of the reasons behind this trend.

Benefits of Being a Contract Employee

1. Potential for Higher Earnings

  • Candidates are paid for every hour worked
  • Candidates receive overtime according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rules

2. Increase Technical and Professional Knowledge Base

  • Candidates can increase their portfolio of skills
  • Candidates enhance their resume
  • Candidates are exposed to varied work environments and projects and this increases their marketability

3. Evaluate Potential Direct Jobs (Temp-to- Direct)

  • Determine if corporate culture is desirable before accepting employment offer from client
  • Evaluate work scope and job responsibilities before accepting employment offer from client
  • Network with key personnel for future opportunities

4. Opportunity to travel

  • Provides for flexibility in assignments
  • Local and national opportunities

5. Avoid Office Politics

  • Candidates can perform their jobs without organizational distractions

6. Flexibility in lifestyle

  • Control of career path
  • Opportunity to travel
  • Balance between business and personal obligations