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What is Contract Staffing?

Here’s a quick overview of what contract staffing is and how to get started.
  • what is contract staffing
    • Benefits of the Contracting for Clients
    • Benefits of Contracting for Candidates
    • Benefits for Recruiters
  • learn about contract recruitment and marketing for recruiters
    • Potential Niches
    • Finding Job Orders
    • Finding Contract Job Orders
  • Marketing Best Practices
    • Marketing Documents
    • Best Practices
    • Marketing Scripts
    • 20 Marketing Tips

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Use the resources below to get started with contract staffing!
  • contract staffing process
    • Negotiation Process
    • Client Negotiations
    • Candidate Negotiations
    • Interview Process
  • benefits of using employer of record services for contract staffing
    • Overtime
    • IRS Misclassification
    • Paid Sick Leave
    • Benefits of Outsourcing
  • recruitment terminology
    • Terms to know about contract staffing.