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Top Echelon Contracting handles the legal, financial, and administrative details of contract placements so that recruiters can focus on what they do best—recruiting! We specialize in technical, professional, and healthcare placements.

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Once you have finalized all of the details of a contract placement, submit the necessary information to Top Echelon Contracting, and move one step closer to collecting your placement checks.


If you only provide direct-hire placement services to your clients, you’re missing out on the many advantages that contract staffing can offer to recruiters, all of which result in revenue generation and business growth.

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Top Echelon Contracting helps recruiters promote their ability to offer contract staffing services to their clients with customized marketing documents. These resources are FREE to recruiters.

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Medical Contract Staffing

One of the ways Top Echelon Contracting helps recruiters make contract placements is with our medical professional liability insurance protection. See what other services we provide for medical contract placements.

How Can Contractors Benefit?

Work/life balance, a weekly paycheck, the opportunity to travel, or increased knowledge – there are many reasons to work on contract assignments. Top Echelon Contracting can help technical, professional, and healthcare contractors achieve their career goals.

How Can Employers Benefit?

Companies that utilize contractors through the back-office services of Top Echelon Contracting can reduce their overall staffing costs and increase their staffing flexibility. At the same time, they can avoid the administrative and financial responsibilities associated with engaging contractors or employing personnel.

Contract Staffing

Top Echelon Contracting helps recruiters offer contract staffing to clients and candidates. We are a full-service back-office provider, meaning that we become the legal W-2 employer of record for the candidate and handle all of the financial, legal, and administrative details of a contract placement.

Below are just a few of the benefits for recruiters that use Top Echelon Contracting:

  • The ability to add contract staffing to their business model
  • The opportunity to increase job orders, enhance client relationships, and improve work-life balance
  • The chance to improve their bottom line and enjoy more consistent cash flow

Contact us today to find out how Top Echelon Contracting can help you offer contract staffing services to your clients and make more placements!