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Top Echelon Offers ‘Emergency Resuscitation Kit’

by | Sep 21, 2009 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

Canton, Ohio—Looking to gain traction in this economy?  Is your firm experiencing decreased production due to current economic conditions? Leading industry trainer of The Griffin Group, who was the main speaker at the 2006 Top Echelon Network National Convention, has a session in the recruiter training library.

Below is the official description of the session, which is sponsored by Big Biller™ recruiting software:

The economy is in the tank!  Your best client for the past three years is gone, and you’re wondering,“Will we ever come out of this alive?”  The answer is YES!  But—and there is always a but—there are very specific things you must do and focus on to significantly speed up that recovery.

Join Greg Doersching as he covers in detail five very specific topics that are “must do’s” in times of economic crisis.  This will be a very frank, detail-packed, and results-driven day of learning.  Doersching will take you from a company point of view to an individual desk perspective and talk about a comprehensive list of processes and practices that must be applied if you want to rebound before the end of 2009!  This is 90 minutes that is just too important to miss!


  • Where to find business in this economy
  • How to build on-going client relationships
  • How to keep your staff motivated and on target
  • How to establish yourself as the “must use” agency
  • How to put your staff on “placement steroids”

To view this Training Library session, visit our free recruiting webinars page.  For more information about other recruiter training sessions and programs offered through, click here.

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