How Recruiters Can Master the Ability to Pre-Close Candidates

What we do for a living is “sales.”  The sale is made more difficult because there are human beings on both sides of our sale.  They talk back, change their minds, and often don’t care about hearing our opinions. Knowing how to convince a candidate to accept the offer is challenging.

You greatly increase your chances for success if you ask pre-closing questions throughout the entire placement process.  When you’re interviewing, the placement process should involve a question and an answer, followed by a pre-close.  Look at the example below.

Question: “What is most important to you in your job search?”

Answer: “Chance for advancement.”

Pre-Close: “So what you’re asking me to do is find you an opportunity you can grow into vs. grow out of?”

By doing this, you’re also proving your ability to listen and understand what is most important to the individuals you represent.  The word “close” infers something done at the end of a process.  In the profession of recruiting, you need to pre-close throughout the entire recruitment process to eliminate surprises that can ruin a placement.

Remember, when you’re interviewing:


This guarantees that you’re HEARING and more importantly UNDERSTANDING what’s being said by your candidates!  The end result is . . . no surprises!  You know what’s important to the person you’re representing, which makes it easier to make an appropriate match!

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