[Infographic] 8 Signs You Need to Break Up With Your Recruiting Software

Are you on the fence about your recruiting software? Maybe you’ve developed workarounds just to function from day to day, or you find yourself frustrated by a user-unfriendly interface. Perhaps the problem is less with the software itself, and more with the seller—lackluster training, customer support that gives you the runaround, unresolved billing issues . . .

No matter what issues you’re experiencing, if your ATS is impacting your work life in a negative way, it may be time to consider a breakup with your recruiting software.

Still not sure if you should keep tolerating the discomfort, or call it quits and search for a better match? Check out our new infographic, “8 Signs Your Recruiting Software Isn’t Cutting It,” for help!

top echelon recruiting software infographic

What recruiting software issues are deal-breakers for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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