Recruitment Focus: 8 Steps for More Success as a Search Consultant

Recruiting is like anything else. You have to focus on the things that are the most important if you are enjoy more placements, billings, and overall success.

Recruitment focus is especially important in today’s employment marketplace. That’s because we are in the throes of a candidate-driven market. In this type of market, candidates have more employment opportunities and options. As a result, finding qualified candidates for your clients’ job order is more challenging.

Yes, they’re using your agency’s services because they can’t find the candidates they want to hire. However, candidates are so scarce right now that even your agency is having difficulty finding the candidates that your clients want to hire. That makes is sort of a good/bad news scenario.

It’s good news that your clients can’t find the candidates they want. It’s bad news that you can’t find the candidates your clients want, either.

So, this begs a couple of questions:

  • What should you as a recruiter focus on to enjoy more success?
  • What approach should you take when focusing on these things to enjoy more success?

To help answer these questions, we’re going to draw upon the wisdom of recruiting industry trainer Barb Bruno, CPC/CTS of Good as Gold Training and Development. Barb’s training techniques have guided thousands to a higher level of sales and profits. She is best known for her methodical, easy-to-implement strategies that she shares with her audiences.

According to Bruno, companies are starving for top talent right now, and it’s the recruiter who can produce that talent the fastest who will win.  As a result, you’ll find it more important than ever to dedicate time daily to focus on top priorities.

It’s also important that you focus on the 5% of candidates that you will place and provide resources for the other 95%.

Recruitment focus = proper planning

In order to focus on priorities, you need to plan.  If you don’t plan your day, urgent issues will often take the place of important, results-oriented tasks that should be your focus.  If you’re currently not a planner, planning is one step that you can implement today that will help you increase your current level of success.

Below are eight steps for sharpening your recruitment focus:

Step #1:

Force yourself to fill out a planner for your next day, before you leave work.  Learn to write down your six non-negotiable actions (closest to the money) for the following day.

These are your top priorities which must be completed before you leave work.  Complete 65% of your planned outgoing calls before noon.

Step #2:

Stop “talking about” or “worrying about” what you have to get done.  Both of those activities are great time wasters.  If you must worry about something, limit yourself to five minutes—then focus on solutions or actions.

Step #3:

Stop answering emails as they arrive.  Set aside time first thing in the morning, at mid-day, and at the end of day to answer email.  Email is one of the greatest distractions to results-oriented activities.

Step #4:

Swallow the biggest frog first!  Do the activity you dread most first.  If you don’t get a dreaded task off your plate, it prevents you from peak performance throughout your entire day.

Step #5:

Imagine a suitcase outside the door or your office and dump all of your personal issues or challenges into the suitcase before you enter your office.  If you drag your personal baggage to work, it can prevent you from focusing on work and limit your success.  Inform your family and friends to only contact you at lunch or after working hours.

Step #6:

Don’t view inappropriate websites during working hours or send inappropriate emails.  If you want to participate in social networks or social media sites, that activity is completed during evening hours on your own personal computer—unless you’re a researcher or sourcer.

Step #7:

Conduct sourcing and research during evening hours.  Also, conduct social media networking efforts on non-prime time hours.

Step #8:

Ask yourself constantly, “Is this the best use of my time?”  If your answer is “No,” then you need to delegate those tasks to someone else.  You achieve 80% of your results from 20% of your actions.

Once you identify your top talents, which represent the 20%, the key is to spend more of your time completing those exact actions.

  • It’s time to take control of your level of success.
  • It’s time to focus where you can get results!
  • It’s time to let the outgoing calls, not the incoming calls, control your destiny.
  • If you focus, you will produce greater results!

Recruitment focus . . . through online training!

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