9 Quintessential Characteristics of a Recruiter

If you want to become a recruiter, you need to act like one. Although each professional has a different personality, recruiting approach, and hiring process, many top recruiters share similar traits. So, what are the characteristics of a recruiter?

Characteristics of a recruiter

In addition to having the necessary recruiter skills (e.g., sales and marketing skills), you must also have certain qualities for recruiting success.

If you want to learn how to be a good recruiter, hone the following nine recruiter characteristics.

characteristics of a recruiter

1. Adaptable

In many professions, the ability to adjust to change and handle curveballs is essential. Recruiting is no exception. Adaptability is one of the most critical characteristics of a recruiter.

You must be adaptable when it comes to handling candidates who drop out during the process or rescind job acceptance. And, you may have to modify your recruitment process to accommodate your clients’ needs.

Recruitment is constantly reinventing itself. Before technology, recruiters needed to sort through stacks of resumes manually. Now, recruiters depend on tools like applicant tracking systems. If you prefer clinging to tradition, recruitment might not be the path for you.

Recruiters must be adaptable to new trends, technology, and recruiting tools. Whether you decide to add contract staffing services or use social media to recruit, be willing to try new things.

2. Communicative

Having communication skills is clearly a must when you work with two parties (i.e., candidates and clients). So if you want to be a great recruiter, you must be communicative.

Communicative recruiters can easily talk with their clients and candidates. You must be able to accurately convey what your clients want to your candidates. And, you may need to negotiate a job offer.

3. Positive

Recruiters deal with a fair amount of negative situations. You will have to deny a job to many candidates. And, you may need to tell your client that their ideal candidate doesn’t want the position.

Aim for a positive disposition to cut through the negativity. What type of client and candidate would want to work with a negative recruiter?

If you stay positive throughout the highs and lows of the recruiting process, you can foster strong relationships. Positivity can leave a great impression, even when it comes to declining a job applicant.

4. Intuitive

Whenever you’re dealing with people, it helps to be intuitive. And, that’s what makes intuition one of the top characteristics of a recruiter.

Following your instincts can be useful for taking on new job orders, weeding out unqualified candidates, and offering advice to your clients.

Of course, you can’t always go with your instincts in recruiting. You need to do your due diligence, too.

5. Strong work ethic

Being a recruiter pulls your mind in a million directions. You have to juggle multiple clients, job orders, and candidates. Laziness has no place in recruiting.

One of the top traits of a good recruiter is a strong work ethic. With a strong work ethic, you can persevere through the toughest challenges.

Often, you work alone when recruiting. You must develop a work ethic to hold yourself accountable.

6. Detail-oriented

Recruiters are surrounded by so many details. Whether it’s memorizing your client’s ideal candidate or keeping up with a candidate’s prior experience, details are key to making great placements.

Being detail-oriented can also help you catch discrepancies in candidates’ backgrounds. Pay attention to what candidates say in interviews and compare their responses to their resumes.

Looking at the big picture is great. But if you fail to dive into the details, you could end up helping your client place the wrong candidate.

7. Patient

Being patient is a must for recruiters. Dealing with clients and candidates can wear on you if you aren’t careful.

Receiving your recruiter fees won’t always be a piece of cake. You may have to be persistent to get your clients to pay you. And, your clients might drag their feet when deciding on a candidate.

You will likely field questions from dozens of candidates outside scheduled conversations. And, you may hear a candidate ask the same question repeatedly.

8. Confident

Confidence is another critical component of recruiting. Without confidence, how can you sell your recruiting skills to potential clients? And, how will you convince candidates to apply for open positions?

If you are confident, you might also be more inclined to be straightforward with candidates. You can’t be timid when rejecting applicants. And, you must be secure when offering jobs to candidates.

9. Team-oriented

Sure, you do a lot of work on your own. But when you take on a new job order, you become your client’s partner. Being team-oriented is a necessary recruiter characteristic.

If you decide to do a split placement with another recruiter, you cannot be individualistic. Split placements, where one recruiter has the job order and the other the candidates, require give and take. You need to respect the other recruiter. And, you must work as a team to make the placement.

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