6 Tips to Take Mobile Recruiting to the Next Level

As technology evolves, so does the recruiting process. According to one source, 45% of job seekers use their mobile devices to search for jobs at least once per day. You might be aware of trends, but are you using them to optimize your mobile recruiting strategies?

Here are six tips to help take your mobile recruitment to the next level.

Mobile recruiting

mobile recruiting

1. Easy access

Do you expect candidates to apply for a position if they cannot find it in the first place? Of course not!

With so many internet avenues for applicants, you must make sure job postings are easy to find and access. The harder it is to view or search for open positions, the less likely candidates will apply.

Post available positions on various mobile-friendly outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and your client’s website. Consider listing positions on job boards to access a larger pool of applicants.
Utilizing mobile-friendly websites and applications attracts candidates while giving them a convenient way to view and apply for an open position.

2. Optimize

First impressions count just as much for recruiters as they do for candidates. Along with easy access, you must also optimize the mobile recruiting process equally across all types of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

According to one source, only 18% of recruiter leaders say they have optimized their job posts for mobile devices. Don’t you want to be part of the statistic to get ahead of the game?

When you post positions, utilize applications and websites that are user-friendly. Test which platforms work best for job posts. How do your job posts look? Can you view the posts on different devices without warping the images or text?

Take a look at how quickly a candidate can apply to a position. Consider time constraints when determining how to optimize your mobile recruiting efforts. Do candidates ditch the application because it’s too lengthy? Too difficult to read?

3. Automated text messages

Text messages are an instant (and effective) way to help boost your mobile recruiting strategy.

Similar to the application process, candidates want something that is short, sweet, and easy-to-use to communicate with recruiters. Consider using text messages to keep up with candidates, give updates, and schedule interviews.

Create a personal touch to the hiring process by personalizing texts. Give reminders about the interview time, date, and name of the person interviewing the candidate.

Weigh the pros and cons of texting candidates and text message etiquette before implementing text messaging in recruiting.

4. Know your audience

This tip may seem simple, but it requires the most effort. You cannot assume only certain types of people will apply for the position you post (e.g., tech-savvy candidates).

It’s crucial to know your audience, which types of candidates you are trying to recruit, and how candidates use mobile devices to search for positions.

Take some time to research your audience. Are candidates using websites? Social media platforms? Find out what their go-to for online recruiting is and start from there. You can always tweak your mobile recruiting strategies.

5. One-click apply

Just like how you don’t want to waste time sorting through unqualified applicants, candidates don’t want to waste time either.

More businesses and recruiters are taking advantage of using one-click apply features. One-click apply allows candidates to apply to a position with the click of a button.

One-click apply gives candidates a concise snapshot of the job description while saving them time from filling out an application. And, one-click apply can prevent candidates from abandoning a lengthy application process.

In return, you may see more applications, talented individuals, and interest in the position.

6. Consult the experts

When trying to improve your mobile recruiting, don’t be afraid to seek advice.

Review recruiter articles, blog posts, and social media to keep up with the latest mobile recruiting trends and get new ideas on how to optimize your efforts.

Consider also investing in recruiting software. Software and other services can help give you mobile-friendly recruitment solutions while keeping recruiting records organized.