6 Creative Recruitment Strategies to Take Your Search to the Next Level

If you want a competitive advantage against other recruiters, your strategies must be innovative. However, sometimes using the same recruiting strategy time and again can get stale. Take your search to the next level by using creative recruitment strategies.

6 Creative recruitment strategies

Consider using the six creative recruitment techniques below.

creative recruitment strategies

1. Go where the candidates are

To find candidates, you need to go where they frequent most online. Look for candidates on sites where you would not usually look.

You are likely familiar with online recruiting via websites, social media, and blogs. Consider going outside your comfort zone by participating in online discussion boards and forums. And, get involved in conversations.

Tell candidates who you are and ask questions about their career goals. Get to know candidates and reach out to them about job openings if they seem like a good fit.

Scour industry blogs and message boards to find out what your ideal candidates are talking about in a less formal environment. Even if you don’t find any candidates, you can keep up with what job seekers discuss and incorporate it in your search.

2. Use authentic videos and messages

Instead of posting regular content, incorporate different types of posts to recruit candidates. Get creative by taking your mobile recruiting up a notch. Consider using videos and messages to change things up a bit.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the impact a video makes. Promote employer brand by including videos in your social media posts.

Posting videos shows candidates what it is like to work for the company. And, it may entice job seekers to apply if the workplace looks genuine, inviting, and fun.

For example, you can post a video of a company picnic to show candidates what the work culture is like. And, the video can give candidates an idea of how they can fit in with the business.

3. Take advantage of text interviews

A good way to reach your target audience is using communication methods that candidates favor. According to one source, 81% of people use text messaging to communicate daily.

You likely have experience conducting phone interviews to screen applicants. But, have you taken advantage of utilizing text messaging to recruit candidates?

Consider using text messaging to conduct initial interviews and communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process.

Contacting candidates via texting can produce a higher response rate and provide candidates with a more relaxing interview process environment.

Text message interviews are easy to schedule and efficient for both you and the candidate. And, texting can show your candidate that your client is tech-savvy, too.

4. Interact in group settings

Innovate your recruitment strategies by switching the way you and your candidates interact.

You may conduct one-on-one interviews or use a hiring committee to interview candidates. But, you should also consider interacting with potential candidates in a group setting.

Interactive interviews allow you to see a candidate’s character, level of interest, and communication skills.

To conduct a group interview, select multiple candidates to interview at the same time together. Also, you could invite candidates to a group session where you and the client’s current employees engage with the candidates.

Set up activities to make the initial interview process more interactive. Create activities that can bring out candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

5. Search profiles and social networking sites

Instead of sifting through hundreds of resumes to find the ideal candidate, take the search into your own hands.

Recruiter networking sites give you easy access to thousands of qualified candidates. Utilize websites, such as LinkedIn, to expand your search. Look for candidates through profiles and social networking websites to find candidates who fit your criteria and qualifications.

Review candidates’ profiles, experience, and resumes (if they have one linked to their account). After finding candidates who fit the mold of the job description, reach out to them and express your interest in them for the position.

6. Reach out to past candidates

When rejecting a candidate, recruiters may tell applicants that they will keep them in mind for future positions. However, how many times do those candidates actually get notified? Instead of just telling candidates you will contact them, follow through with your offer.

Consider reaching out to past candidates to change up the way you recruit. Contact former finalists and candidates to see if they are interested in other job openings. This allows you to tap into a pool of candidates you already know are qualified.

Let previous candidates know about the type of job opening and ask if they would like to discuss the new opportunity.

If you use recruiting software to organize your recruiting process, utilize the database of previous applicants to find the best candidates to reconnect with. Take notes of the candidates you reached out to and their responses.

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