5 Ways to Improve Your Brand Recruitment Efforts

You may have experience creating an employment branding strategy for your clients’ companies. As a recruiter, you must also focus on recruitment business branding to draw in candidates and clients. Learn about the importance of brand recruitment and ways to improve your branding strategy.

Why is employer branding in recruitment important?

Branding molds all aspects of an organization. And, strong recruiter branding is important to attract top talent for your clients.

If your brand recruitment is lacking, it can limit the pool of candidates you attract. Your image as a recruiter can make or break how potential candidates and clients perceive you.

Ways to improve recruitment branding

Here are five ways you can improve branding in recruitment.

brand recruitment

1. Embrace technology

Technology lends a huge hand to your recruitment branding strategy. You can use various platforms to reach potential candidates, such as jobs boards and social media (e.g., Twitter or Facebook).

Streamline candidate engagement, applications, and selection process by utilizing websites and platforms. Improving the way you attract and communicate with candidates can enhance their experience. And, positive experiences can reinforce and promote your brand.

For example, you may use an online job board to post positions and follow up with candidates. Communicating with candidates through different channels can potentially speed up the hiring process timeline. Speeding up processes can result in positive experiences and change the way candidates view your brand.

2. Attend networking events

Another way to put your brand out there is to attend networking events.

Attending events like career fairs allows you to meet with potential candidates in person. Events allow you to get to know candidates better, give you more time to discuss positions, and set your brand apart. And, participating in networking activities can expose you to pools of candidates that you might not be able to access online.

Events can also bring you face-to-face with potential clients. You may meet people looking for recruiters for their company. Or, you may meet individuals who know someone who is looking for recruiting services.

Even if you do not find any potential candidates or clients, showcasing your agency or services exposes your brand to more individuals.

3. Address reviews

Every business has both positive and negative mentions. Although reviews are usually from customers, they can also come from candidates you interviewed, clients you work with, or candidates you placed. But if you do not read and respond to reviews, it can hurt your recruiter brand.

With technology evolving, candidates have more ways to review recruiters about their interview or hiring process.

Keep up with reviews about your recruiting efforts. Be sure to respond to positive (and negative) online reviews. Check your website, social media, and other recruiting platforms regularly for feedback. Use reviews to improve the processes for future candidates.

Responding to feedback might not resolve any candidate issues. But, it shows you are trying to improve experiences, which can help your recruitment brand.

4. Add a personal touch

Adding personalization to your brand recruitment efforts can redefine what candidates and clients think about you and your brand.

Candidates have many ways to interact with recruiters, both online and offline. Online, candidates can see your recruitment agency’s job postings, website, and social media posts. Offline interactions may include candidates speaking with current employees or listening to word-of-mouth about your agency.

Regardless of the type of interaction, one thing is for sure: people want a personal touch from recruiters.

As technology advances, find different ways to maintain or enhance your recruitment brand. Consider taking advantage of recruiting software to boost your brand and personalize candidate experiences. Software makes it easier to create personalized communication and interactions. Rather than sending bland messages, customize your templates to set your brand apart from other recruiters and agencies.

5. Build brand advocacy

It is no secret that word-of-mouth plays a significant role in branding. If a candidate hears something bad about an agency or recruiter, it will likely drive them away.

According to one source, 92% of individuals trust word-of-mouth recommendations. Build up your brand’s reputation by encouraging candidates, employees, and clients to spread positive information.

The more brand advocates you have, the better. Positive word-of-mouth reviews can result in more candidates to choose from and a better reputation. And, brand advocacy can change the way people see your recruitment brand.

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