How to Keep Your Recruiting Mobile Friendly

Whether or not we are in a state of pandemic and people are working from home, one thing is certain – people are using their phones very often. Whether it is to shop, pay bills or connect with old friends, mobile phones are the choice for many. All the information we could possibly need right in the palm of our hands.

This fact is changing the way we go about finding other opportunities too, such as jobs. Recruiters have been finding that many passive candidates will use their phones to sift through jobs that they may want in the future or look through social channels to seek new opportunities.

Here are some reasons to embrace mobile friendly recruiting!

It enhances each part of your recruiting funnel

With opportunities for more informal pre-recorded screening videos, many new recruiting processes include these options as ways to get through a recruiting process. While mobile also includes channels such as social media communication, messaging and connecting have been prominent in mobile applications and recruiting.

For many, using mobile phones is made more simple and therefore an easier way to get candidates to interact and engage with the recruitment process laid out. A candidate doesn’t even have to own a computer to compete for jobs! Being able to get along without certain expectations like having a computer are made more possible in this way.

Providing candidates with mobile friendly options will make candidates feel at ease and provide you a better sense of who they are – as many people tend to feel that mobile interactions are more personalized.

Convenient for Managers

Candidates may have a good time with the mobile friendly interfaces and recruiting channels, however they aren’t the only ones that will feel the benefits of this experience! Managers and recruiting agents alike can access many of the job posts, applications, and scheduling programs on mobile devices as well.

With many recruiting software and applicant tracking systems designed with mobile usability, this is a great opportunity to get away from the desk and use your smartphone for smart recruiting! With the 24/7 ability to see candidate pools and screening results, you can manage applicants from anywhere you want with a mobile friendly recruiting strategy.

Reach younger Generations

Given that younger generations – Millennials and Gen Z – have an extra level of attachment to their mobile phones, this is a great opportunity for outreach. Although this is often criticized by those who don’t have certain phone-uses or dependencies, it is a great tool for connecting with this younger crowd.

In the coming years, these generations will slowly start to overtake the younger portion of the workforce — approximately 38% in the next decade to be exact! With the rise of social media apps, networking apps and more – this segment of populations are typically more internet savvy and on the go, making them a great target for mobile campaigns.

So instead of playing catch up, it would be best to make your recruitment process mobile friendly!

Assists in maintaining effective communication

With mobile recruitment comes the ability to use text messaging with candidates, which allows managers and other candidates to communicate in a different way than ever before. Traditionally, email was always the only way that many recruiters would be able to exchange messages, but the mobile phone has changed this tradition.

With the use of recruitment software and mobile approaches, the ability to send notifications, updates and application statuses are made readily available. Texting candidates allows for a new sort of informal communication that sets the tone for a candidate-employer relationship. Rather than someone who is scary and daunting, a candidate can sometimes consider a person more of a friend.

A better overall candidate experience

Supposedly, 89% of job seekers think mobile devices play a critical role in the job hunting process. Why is it so resisted then when it comes to recruiters embracing mobile friendly options? The mix between an informal conversation and professional work is definitely the answer. Although, a good mix of both can lead to a great future for both parties.

Instead of the rigidity of online job boards and endless application pages, having a well-formatted and easy-to-use mobile friendly application or page would be a great way to attract new candidates. Unless someone is really persistent, oftentimes a daunting careers page or recruiting process can scare off a candidate.

Giving the people what they want in this case is the best scenario for both parties! Keeping things mobile friendly in your recruiting process is the way to keep up with the times, avoid losing highly qualified candidates and keep your tech-focused candidates engaged.

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