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Candidates Will Move for One of 5 Major Motivators

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

Keeping “What’s In It For Me?” in mind, most big billers find that candidates will move for one (or more) of five major motivators.

These can be remembered by using the acronym CLAMS.

Interestingly enough, they seem to be important in the following ranking order, with challenge being the most important, then location, etc.  (Note that money is the fourth reason why people will move—NOT the first.)

I’ve also included a series of questions you can ask the candidate to further gauge their interest in these key areas.

#1—Challenge of the new position

Ask, “What challenges you in your current position?”

Ask, “Professionally speaking, what would you rather be doing?”

Ask, “Define for me your ‘perfect’ position description.”

Ask, “What would you like to do in your new position?”

#2—Location of the position

Ask, “Where did you grow up?”

Ask, “Where does most of your family live?”

Ask, “Where would you and your family prefer to live?”

Ask, “What are your hobbies?”

#3—Advancement potential

Ask, “What is your next step up the ladder?”

Ask, “What position would you like to have next year at this time?”

Ask, “What will be the last position you will attain with this company?”

Ask, “How have you moved up the company in relation to your peers?”


Ask, “What is your current salary?”

Ask, “Is your current salary where you think it should be?”

Ask, “What salary would it take to move you to another company?”

Ask, “When was your last raise?”

#5—Stability of the company

Ask, “How stable is your current company?”

Ask, “Have you had many lay-offs or reductions in force?”

Ask, “Have your reviews and/or raises been put on hold?”

Ask, “Have your company’s plans for the future been altered?”

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Bob Marshall of TBMG International, founder of The Marshall Plan, has an extensive background in the recruiting industry as a recruiter, manager, vice president, president, consultant, and trainer.  In 2015, Bob is celebrating his 35th year in the recruitment business.  Marshall can be reached at or at 770.898.5550.  His website is

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