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Advantages & Disadvantages of Applicant Tracking Systems

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Top Echelon Blog

Finding the right job candidates for your clients can be overwhelming, especially when resumes are pouring in from all over the country. That’s why many job recruiters rely on Applicant Tracking Systems to keep the recruitment process organized and efficient.

An ATS allows recruiters to organize job applications and find the best candidates—but like every form of technology, the advantages come with a few drawbacks. 

Read on to discover the advantages and disadvantages of Applicant Tracking Systems.

The Advantages of ATS for Recruiting

Saves Time

The biggest advantage of ATS is the time it saves. Imagine 72 resumes stacked on your desk. How could you even find one? With everything organized on the ATS, you can find the candidates you want and organize them by the skills they possess.

Recruiters often succeed because of their people skills. If ATS software can give them more time to connect with real people, they will be more successful at placing candidates. 

Seamless Searching 

In addition to organizing the best candidates for an open position, ATS can locate previous job applicants who did not get hired for their desired position but are perfect for the current one.

This is an advantage because you are not limited to current job seekers. Some of the best talent may have no idea that you could have an even better opportunity available than the one for which they previously applied.

Wealth of Data

In addition to selecting the right job applicants, an ATS can collect data to improve the overall recruiting process. It can keep track of the best sources of applicants and track the time it takes to complete the placement process.

This way, you can analyze your time commitments and see if your valuable time could be invested in another task.

Customizable Screening

This may be the biggest advantage of Applicant Tracking Systems. If you have five positions to fill, the ATS can easily sort through the candidates that are right for each spot. 

This would be much more difficult and time-consuming if you were looking through a stack of resumes and trying to narrow down which candidate would be right for each role by hand.

In the same way, an ATS may red-flag a candidate who may seem ideal on the surface but has a drawback that should lead to their removal from consideration.

The Disadvantages of ATS for Recruiting

Harder to Integrate

Switching to an ATS can be difficult, as it can be difficult to integrate the new system with previous recruiting methods. Fortunately, Top Echelon’s ATS excels at data integration, allowing you to seamlessly transition to the new software while staying focused on placing job candidates quickly. 

Limit Potential Candidates

While keywords can be useful in organizing applicant data, people don’t always speak or write in keywords. If a candidate doesn’t have the exact keyword you are using, that candidate could slip through the cracks. 

In addition, by picking up keywords in resumes, an ATS may miss candidates with innate abilities that don’t match their experience. These include younger and older candidates, as well as those with gaps in their resumes due to serving in the military or caring for family members.

Only Focuses on Data/Analytical Information 

Candidates that could be a great fit for particular job openings might be overlooked if recruiters rely solely on ATS to parse through resumes for certain keywords. Even though a candidate might be right for the job, they may be unable to make that case by typing into a computer with a limited number of characters in each application field.

Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?

While there are some disadvantages to Applicant Tracking Systems, particularly when recruiters rely solely on the tools for narrowing down applicants, the advantages that it can add to the recruitment process overwhelmingly outweigh these. ATS helps recruiters find more qualified candidates and make better placements, quicker than ever.

Ready to maximize your time and productivity with Top Echelon’s recruiting software? Contact us now to learn more and see the software in action with a free trial.

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