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Recruiting Websites for Recruiters

Websites for Recruiters

New Design: Starts at $2200
Job Board: Setup Fee Starts at $300 then $40/month
Recruiting Websites
Recruiting Websites

Recruiting Software to Help YOU Make More Placements

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Website Design for Recruiters

Whether you're looking to create a recruiting website from scratch, or just update your current site, Hiring Hook has the professional, flexible, and affordable solutions you need.

Filling job orders is all about having the right candidates, and Hiring Hook's Job Board allows you to attract those candidates by posting jobs to your website and advertising them directly to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter where they can submit their resumes for your review.

For more information about Hiring Hook, watch our overview video. Also, Request a LIVE Demo.

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More about Hiring Hook

Top Echelon knows that recruiters want to make more placements any way they can, and that includes making placements with their recruiting website. That's why Top Echelon created Hiring Hook, a website design service specializing in recruiting websites. Whether it's a brand new website design or an upgrade of your existing site, Hiring Hook can meet your recruiting website needs.

But Hiring Hook does much more than that. You can add a Hiring Hook Job Board to your site to qualify candidates. Candidates visiting your site can apply for the jobs that you’ve posted; upload their resume for you to review; and fill out a candidate profile. You can qualify candidates even more through the use of Customized Questionnaires. Use True or False, Yes or No, multiple choice, multiple select, and open-ended essay questions to help you determine if a candidate is a fit for one of your jobs before spending too much time on them.

Hiring Hook is a service for recruiters that can help your website come alive with the job orders that you need to fill right now. Make your website an integral and productive part of your recruiting desk. Attract candidates with it, attract clients with it, post job orders with it, and make placements with it.