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'Beating Counter-offers: Your Deadliest Trap'
Doug Beabout, CPC of The Douglas Howard Group

The good news: employers are widely challenged finding talent by their own means.  Recruiters benefit from this common condition.  We can do for employers what they typically can not: direct, precise recruiting of employed candidates.

The bad news: the other huge challenge for employers is keeping those employees they must have.  Counter-offers are more frequently made and accepted than in any prior era.

The best news: your clients will love you even more when you kill the counter-offers they fear today.

Learn how to be fully armed against this attack to your placements:

  • Why counter-offers are more attractive today
  • What we can do to defeat counter-offers
  • How this is a process, not a tactic or reactive action
  • How to work with your clients to empower you to save their hire (and your placement)
  • When to begin your anti-counter-offer process, what to learn from everyone, and how to use it to everyone's advantage

Doug Beabout, CPC is having his highest billing year in three and a half decades.  In this FREE recruiting webinar, he’ll share practical techniques that work right now AND tomorrow.

About Doug Beabout

Doug BeaboutBeabout is currently the owner and president of The Douglas Howard Group, a professional retained search and contingency recruiting services firm.  His career spans over three decades of success and innovation in career management, retained recruiting, personnel, and professional training.

Beabout's accomplishments include building four highly successful consulting businesses and co-creating hundreds of others worldwide.

Having personally trained and assisted in the establishment of more than 450 executive recruiting and personnel staffing firms worldwide, Beabout knows the secrets that create success.  He is also a business consultant to many corporations and franchised and independent personnel services firms globally.

Many of Beabout's clients have amassed their net worth, met their corporate objectives, and achieved recruiting excellence because of his training and guidance.

Beabout continues to work a search desk every day in both the Medical and Automotive Products industries, making him uniquely qualified as a personnel services industry trainer.  A board member and advisor to the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), his reputation for training excellence has repeatedly placed him as a guest speaker, both domestically and abroad.