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$60per month

$20 per additional user

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You pay for Big Biller on a month-to-month basis, providing you with the freedom and flexibility that many software packages do not offer.

Big Biller is..

Recruiting Software at it's best. One of the reasons Big Biller is the leader in online recruiting software is its price. The best part? There is no long-term contractual obligation.

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Big Biller Features


Resume Parsing
Our Premium Parser extracts all the important information out of the resume, such as contact info, company history, education, skill sets, and more . . . saving the information and creating a candidate profile.


Contact Importer
Importing .Excel and .csv files into Big Biller is easy with the integrated Contact Import Wizard.


Inline Editing
Update contact information, work history, position titles, education, compensation, and much more on the fly.


One of Big Biller’s most popular feature, the pipeline is a list of candidates that are linked to a job order. And this list enables a recruiter to quickly see who is being considered for the position, what stage they’re in, and where they stand in the placement process.


The hotlist feature is like having an online filing cabinet where you can store and categorize records, just like a filing cabinet. The hotlist allows quick and easy access to groups and lists of people, companies, or even job orders.


Search all of your records, resumes, and documents quickly and easily. Big Biller has simplified the search experience that makes finding the right resumes and companies a piece of cake.


Boolean Builder
Full-text Boolean searching for resumes and records cannot be any easier. Let Big Biller write the Boolean search string for you so you can get your hands on the information you need now.

Large Volume Users

Data Storage (online in the "Internet Cloud"): Your first one (1) gigabyte of data storage in Big Biller is included in your base price. If you exceed one (1) gigabyte, the extra cost is only $15 per month for each additional 250 megabytes of space, with the first $15 being charged after exceeding one (1) gigabyte.

Converting Data From Your Previous Software Package

If you wish, we will convert your data from another software package into Big Biller. However, we do charge a conversion fee for this service. The amount of the fee depends upon the amount and type of data being converted.

Basic resume parsing:

$100, plus $.01 per record

Excel Spreadsheet:

$125, plus $.01 per record

Mapping an Entire Database:

$275, plus $.01 per record

(Note: a $100 per hour variable programming fee may apply to special data conversion requests.)