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Make More Split Placements

Top Echelon Network has helped recruiters make more than 20,000 placements since 1988.

Members of the Network can post their job orders and candidates to our online split placement system to share information, set up automated alerts, and search open job orders and qualified candidates—all things that lead to the making of split placements.

There are 1,000 experienced, successful recruiters in Top Echelon Network who want to make split placements . . . and they could make their next one with YOU!

Top Echelon Network: more job orders . . . more candidates . . . more placements.

Split Placement Success Stories

Kaplan's split placements success story Split placements can happen in a number of different ways, and Top Echelon Network recruiters have made plenty of split placements to prove it. One such split placement occurred because a trainer at a local gym heard a recruiter talking about her work. Read the blog post explaining this split placement, “Split Placement Success Story: Judy Kaplan and Glenda Smith."
Want to know how to make split placements in Top Echelon Network? Well, there are two recruiters who can show you how. Their Trading Partner relationship has resulted in scores of split placements down through the years, and they’re still going strong. Check out their success story “Want to Make Split Placements in Top Echelon? Then Read This”, and you could be making split placements, too.
Split placements help recruiters Split placements helped many recruiters weather the recession—like Top Echelon Network Member Bob Small. Through split placements, Bob was able to have a good year in 2010. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boom time or a recession, split placements can increase the production on your desk and within your firm. Click here to read Bob’s story, “‘It’s Been a Good Year’: How Split Placements Helped Bob Small.”
Walters' split placements success story Joan Walters follows the Top Echelon blueprint for making split placements. As a result, she makes split placements! (She’s made 50 split placements, to be exact.) Joan adheres to the Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network for her split placements. Click here to read her story, “Joan Walters: 50 Split Placements . . . and Counting” to find out how she’s done it.
Duam's Split Placements success story Al Daum is another recruiter who believes in the power of split placements during both good times AND bad. Because of that belief in split placements, Al rocketed up Top Echelon Network’s list of Top Producers. What could a belief in split placements do you for you? Read Al’s story, “Al Daum + Split Placements = Top Producer in Top Echelon Network” to find out what spilt placements did for him.

More About Top Echelon Network

With over 20,000 placements, Top Echelon Network is the leading split placement network of recruiters. Since 1988, the Network has been providing recruiters with the tools and services they need to make more split placements. There are close to 1,000 recruiters in Top Echelon Network who want to make split placements with other recruiters, and they work in all major industries. Through the Network, recruiters are able to make more placements than they would have made without becoming a Member.

Top Echelon's split placement network—the screening process

Top Echelon Network employs a four-step screening process to ensure that only the highest quality recruiters become Preferred Members and have the opportunity to make split placements with other recruiters. Our four-step screening process is as follows:

  • Application—The first thing you will need to do to be considered for Membership is to fill out a Membership application.
  • Interview—Once we've reviewed your application, we'll want to speak with you to discuss your business and how Top Echelon Network and split placements fit into it.
  • Screening—Your name and company name will be posted as a prospect in the Members' Area of Top Echelon Network. This will give the current Membership the opportunity to provide us with any feedback they may have regarding you, your firm, and your split placement history.
  • Reference checking—Primarily, we strive to speak with other Top Echelon Network recruiters who have worked with you in the past in split placement situations. Beyond that, we will speak to other recruiters who have worked with you on split placements, as well as corporate references that can shed some light on how you operate as a recruiter.

Top Echelon's split placement network—The Four Pillars

The Network also strongly promotes that all recruiters adhere to the following Four Pillars in their quest to make more split placements—Quality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation.

  • Quality—Quality encompasses everything that a Preferred Member recruiter of Top Echelon Network does, including sharing qualified candidates and detailed job orders with other recruiters. Not only do we strive to fill our Membership ranks with recruiters who have a split placement frame of mind, we're also committed to finding the highest quality recruiters in the industry.
  • Communication—Communication is by far the number-one way in which split placements are made in Top Echelon Network. We foster and facilitate communication through our system and our processes. This is why it's so important that all communication between Members is of the highest quality possible. There are many ways in which quality communication occurs within the Network, including face-to-face meetings, which we highly recommend, especially at a conference or convention.
  • Trust—Trust is the single most important ingredient for achieving long-term success in recruiting, especially at it pertains to the relationships that recruiters forge with their candidates and clients. Trust is also crucial for achieving success as a Preferred Member recruiter of Top Echelon Network. Once Members form relationships with one another, those recruiters develop the kind of genuine trust that is often difficult to find in this industry. We help recruiters achieve that level of trust through the building of substantial, long-lasting business relationships and personal friendships.
  • Active Participation—In order to enjoy success in Top Echelon—and eventually become a Top Producer—it's essential for a recruiter to make the Network a part of their desk every day, and we can show you the best ways to do that. Regardless of the role that split placements play in your business model, actively participating in the Network (searching the database, posting job orders and candidates, calling other recruiters, etc.) can help you to maximize that role. Our methodology has been refined over the past 23 years, so that our process fits into your desk on an everyday basis and enhances what you do as a recruiter.

Top Echelon's split placement network—advantages and benefits

There are numerous advantages and benefits associated with Preferred Membership in Top Echelon Network, all of which are designed to help recruiters make split placements.

These benefits include the following:

  • "Splitsville", the Network's special networking software that uses the latest in social media technology to help recruiters communicate more effectively and make split placements
  • The Split Candidate Database and the Split Job Order Database, which allows recruiters to match job orders and candidates
  • Alerts for the job orders and candidates recruiters need to make split placements
  • The "Who Works What" tool for finding other recruiters who work in specific industries, specialties, and geographic locations
  • Conferences and conventions, where recruiters can meet and network with one another in their efforts to make more split placements
  • Regional Core Groups and Virtual Core Groups, which once again help recruiters network with each other for the purpose of making more split placements
  • Network statistics and reports that communicate to Preferred Member recruiters where the split placements are being made
  • Policy handbook and ethics enforcement that serve as the backbone for the Top Echelon Network split placement system
  • A Recruiter Discussion Forum, which also leads to split placements when recruiters post hot job openings
  • Newsletters like The Pinnacle, which publishes information about how Preferred Member recruiters can use the Network to make more split placements and also highlights those recruiters who are making split placements on a consistent basis
  • The "Recommended Recruiter" website (, which highlights split placement leaders in the Network A reward incentives program called the Frequent Placer Program (FPP), which rewards recruiters for, among other things, making split placements

Top Echelon's split placement network—The philosophy

Top Echelon Network is a split placement network for experienced, split-minded recruiters who have made split placements a part of their business model, who have incorporated the split placement process into their desk, and who want to make more split placements in the future. At Top Echelon Network, we believe that "half a loaf" (split placement) is better than "no loaf" (no placement at all). These are additional split placements that recruiters may not have made because of a number of different factors, including time constraints, limited resources, the fact that the placement was out of their niche, etc.

Recruiters who share information with one another, communicate on a consistent basis, and build and develop their relationships to the point that they trust their Trading Partners completely make split placements. There are recruiters in Top Echelon Network right now who are making split placements with one another, and they want to make split placements with you, too.

If you believe that you're a fit for the Network, apply for Membership today. If you'd like more information about Preferred Membership in Top Echelon Network or about how split placements can help your recruiting firm, give us a call at (330) 455-1433.