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Features of Hiring Hook Recruiting Websites

Recruiter Websites Overview

New Website: Starts at $2200

Job Board: $40/Month

Setup Fee Starts at $300

Recruiting Websites Recruiting Websites

Hiring Hook websites are a simple and affordable way to post your recruitment job orders to your existing recruiting website, making the site come alive to attract more candidates and employers.

Hiring Hook is..

There is no long-term contractual obligation with Hiring Hook. You pay on a month-to-month basis (via credit card). And don't forget, there are several Hiring Hook optional add-ons that can also help you make more placements!

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Hiring Hook Features

We create a "Jobs Page" for your current website.
Your "Jobs Page" will match your existing website's colors and graphics and will appear and operate as if it's a natural part of your own site. However, the Hiring Hook software and databases physically reside on our redundant computers (in a secure data center).

You can post your job orders to your website.
You do not need to create a new website in order to take advantage of this feature. You can add, modify, or delete jobs on your site anytime you'd like . . . as often as you'd like.

Candidates can view your job orders and also upload their resume.
Candidates will be able to view (and search) your jobs on your website. When a candidate finds a job of interest, they'll submit their resume for your consideration. You can instruct Hiring Hook to send this candidate information to you via email, you can upload it to your Big Biller software, or you can simply let Hiring Hook keep it organized for you (e.g., this particular candidate selected this particular job).

Hiring Hook sends the candidate a thank-you email.
Hiring Hook will automatically send the candidate an acknowledgement email thanking them for their interest and resume. (Note: You can customize the wording of this auto-responder email).

Hiring Hook can repost your jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
When you post your job orders to your website, you can also have Hiring Hook automatically repost your jobs to the three most popular social media platforms around, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.