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Nearly Half of Recruiters on Track to Reach Their 2012 Goals

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Nearly Half of Recruiters on Track to Reach Their 2012 Goals



Mark DemareeThanksgiving is over . . . December is upon us . . . followed by the New Year.  How the heck did that happen so quickly?

Regardless of how, when is inevitable, and since we'll assume that the world isn’t going to “Go All Mayan” on us on December 21, 2013 will be here before you know it.

With another year (almost) in the books, this is a great opportunity to see how your production for 2012 matches up with your goals.  Actually, we thought it was such a great opportunity that we decided to create a recruiter poll.

We presented said poll to the Preferred Member recruiters of Top Echelon Network, and we did so by posing this question:

    With the holiday season approaching, will you reach your production goals for this year?

The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters who selected each one:

  • Yes, I've already reached them—26.1%
  • Yes, I'm on track to reach them—17.0%
  • I don't know; it's going to be close—18.2%
  • No, I'm not on track to reach them—28.4%
  • I didn't set any production goals—10.2%

Recruiter Poll ResultsOver a quarter of poll participants (26.1%) have “already reached” their goals for 2012, while another 17% are “on track to reach them.”  That means nearly 50% of respondents (43.1%) have already reached their production goals for the year or are on track to do so.

As encouraging as that is, 28.2% of recruiters indicated that they’re “not on track to reach" their goals, while another 18.2% chose “I don’t know; it’s going to be close” as their answer.  Just over 10% of poll participants don’t set production goals for their recruiting desk.

Are YOU on track to reach your goals for 2012?  If not, how close are you?  Are you among the 10% who don’t set production goals each year?  If so, why is that?

-- -- --

(Mark Demaree, the President of Top Echelon, is a regular contributor to the Top Echelon Recruiter Training Blog.)

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