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Greg Doersching: 'Something Old, Something New . . .' The live session is over; recording is now available! >>

'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something True'
Greg Doersching of The Griffin Search Group
Tuesday, May 14, at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Greg DoerschingJoin Greg Doersching as he walks you through four key tactical points necessary for managing an effective and efficient recruiting desk:

Something Old—True headhunting: digging behind Linkedin to get to the people you want.

Something New—Turning interview debriefs into a more dedicated activity.

Something Borrowed—The best bit from a recent webinar Greg attended on LinkedIn techniques that can help you get those “hidden” names faster.

Something True—The world of recruiting will drastically change during the next five years, and Greg will show you what you need to do NOW to capitalize on it.

This is one session you don't want to miss!

There is no cost to watch this recruiter training webinar.  It's FREE of charge.

This live webinar session is now FULL. If you're not able to access the live session on Tuesday, May 14, it means 100 or more people signed up ahead of you. (The live session is capped at 100 registrants.)

However, a recording of this webinar will be made available in the near future.  You can indicate your interest in that recording by filling out the form at right.

However, the live session is open to the first 100 people who register.  If you're not able to register, we're recording the webinar and will post the recorded version on our website at a later date.

About Greg Doersching

Greg Doersching is the managing partner and founder of The Griffin Search Group, a national search firm working in the direct-hire placement industry.  For the past 15 years, he’s been recognized as one of the most cutting-edge voices in recruiting.

Doersching is an international trainer and has presented for the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS); the American Staffing Association (ASA); and the Association of Canadian Search, Employment, and Staffing Services.

Doersching is consistently rated as one of the top presenters for each conference at which he speaks.  He has conducted numerous regional, state, and local presentations.  Recognized as one of the "Top Producers" in the state of Wisconsin, he received the "Dare to Soar Award” for increasing his billings over 300% in a single year.

Doersching served for two years as the president of the Wisconsin Association of Personnel Services and now sits on that organization’s board of directors.  He’s also an avid fisherman and hunter and has been known to trade consulting services for a chance to go hunting and/or fishing in new places.