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Recruiters: Post Your Jobs to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook


In this demonstration, we'll show you how to push status updates regarding your job orders out to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Big Biller recruiting software.

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Is Facebook in the Process of Releasing a Re-Design?


For those of you who use Facebook, you might be interested to know that the social media site turned six years old on Thursday. If not, then what might interest you is the fact that FB is re-designing its home page for the occasion. According to the site Inside Facebook, about 80 million of the social media site’s 400 million users currently have access to the re-design.

A lot of the changes in the re-design are directed at making the Facebook experience easier and more enjoyable.  (Makes sense, don’t you think?)  Some of these involve moving some of the most-used features of Facebook—notifications, bookmarks, the News Feed, etc.—to more accessible parts of the software. Depending on if you have a FB account and whether you use it more for personal uses or professional ones, you might consider checking out the new re-design before it hits your Profile Page in the near future.

Or maybe you’ve already seen the new design and worked within it? If so, what’s your take?

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